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While we do offer classes in Chinese, we also offer cultural training, designed to help you learn about the people and history of China before your departure. This can be a huge benefit in easing you into your new life in China, as well as helping you understand the rich and vast culture of the Chinese people. 

The following is a list of our training topics. You may choose any and all of the topics for your personal training program. For organizations, feel free to add more topics to the list, and Think First will strive to accommodate these choices.

General Topics

General introduction about China Learn about the name, area, population, national flag, national anthem, national emblem, provinces, regions, nationalities, and ethnic groups that make up this rich and diverse country.
Chinese Conversational Customs How do you say “Nice to meet you?” without saying a word? How do you make sure not to offend anyone’s grandmother? Learn how to start a conversation in China, both with old-fashioned methods and newer westernized ways.

Selected Topics

Taboos for Chinese number (Why Chinese don't like Number 14…)
The secrets of gift giving (Why is getting somebody a pair of shoes a bad gift idea…)
Showing courtesy (the Chinese way…)
Table manners (seating arrangement, using chopsticks…)
Spring Festival (red envelopes…)
Seeing guests off (What you can't say if your guests are travelling by airplane…)
Addressing young ladies (Don't call them "Xiaojie" unless you have to...)
Greetings the Chinese way (Have you eaten yet?)
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