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Why should join in Mandarin Club?

Mandarin has been one of the most spoken languages all over the world. With China’s fast growth economically and demographically, Mandarin is the fastest-growing language in the world. We sincerely invite our children to be prepared for the bright future, where they could communicate effectively in Mandarin and expand their connection with the whole world. The course aims to introduce the basics of Mandarin language, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Opera, Chinese Cuisine, Confucius Philosophy through learning the language, storytelling, and Chinese Arts & Crafts. 

Who should enroll?

Mandarin Chinese Academy accepts students aged from 5 upwards. The program is tailored for students who are interested in learning Mandarin. 

Learn Chinese Dubai
Key features of Mandarin Chinese Academy:
  • International certificated Mandarin teachers

  • 1 hour group lesson with between 6 and 15 students per group

  • Assessment of Mandarin proficiency at the end of the program

  • Extra on-line learning activities can be provided during the week

  • Option to prepare for HSK International Mandarin Level assessment

  • Option to prepare IGCSE Mandarin as a second language

  • Students will have the opportunity to travel to China on cultural exchange program and summer camp.

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Chinese Mandarin Club(Beginner)
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YCT Course (Youth Chinese Test)

This course is designed for primary students (4-10yrs) who take Chinese as an elective course, and who are going to take the YCT.

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HSK Course (Chinese Proficiency Test) 


The HSK course is designed to improve non-native or native speaker’s Chinese language proficiency from beginners to advanced Level (divided into levels 1-6). Our HSK course follows an internationally recognized standard and well-designed textbook, to improve students’ Chinese language competence. The HSK exam result can be used to apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship (CIS). It is also accepted by universities in China as proof of Chinese proficiency. 

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Timing & Schedule
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Dubai Chinese Community Events
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