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Domains and Sub Domains Assessed To Discover Gaps


Orienting yourself to the text. Listening for specific information. Identifying detail.
Responding to personal questions. Becoming more fluent. Preparing your talk.
General Training Reading Section 1.
General Training Reading Section 2.
General Training Reading Section 3.
Planning a letter.
Communicating your message.
Approaching the task.


What Your Child Will Get From Think First
English’s Lessons:
  • Personalised attention on their academic progress
  • Highly interactive sessions
  • Native English-speaking teachers with years of experience
  • Develop love for reading
  • Passion for English will be ignited
  • Increased confidence based on exposure 
  • Mastery of 5 key areas in English
  • Quality Materials developed from decades of experience
  • Engaging class experience
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